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CareJourney’s Special COVID-19 Coverage

Analysis: How COVID-19 vaccination rates vary across different communities

With 100% access to CMS’ Medicare claims dataset, CareJourney did an exploratory analysis on relevant claims to understand COVID-19 vaccination coverage. We want to answer the following questions: Who is getting vaccinated? Where are people getting vaccinated? By whom? How does vaccine penetration vary in different geographies? What is the vaccine volume breakdown for Medicare Advantage payers?

Medication Adherence as a Path to Unlock Savings Opportunities

In a post COVID-19 world, it’s more critical than ever for health plans to gain market share as well as decrease costs associated with poor outcomes. By achieving the 5 star rating in the Star Rating Program, Medicare Advantage prescription drug plans and stand-alone prescription drug plans are able to enroll members throughout the calendar year compared to those plans who are only allowed to enroll members through open enrollment. [...]

Impact of COVID-19 on Accountable Care Organizations Short-Term and Long-Term

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the healthcare industry dramatically. We all have loved ones affected by COVID-19 whether they are on the front-line fighting for us or they are patients trying to fight off the virus themselves. A significant focus has deservedly gone towards disease prevention and progression, but little time has been devoted to discussions around what the outlook looks like [...]

Responding to a (Digital) “Call to Action” on COVID-19

We greatly appreciate our heroic frontline healthcare workers who are delivering much needed care during this public health emergency. To assist in the national response to the current pandemic, CareJourney is responding to a “call to action” issued by our nation’s Chief Technology Officer (a role held by our President, Aneesh Chopra), [...]

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