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The CareJourney Approach

ACOs struggle to translate reports from simple insurance-focused analytic products into clinical actions, savings, and better outcomes. Instead, ACOs need clinically-relevant analytics that recommend high-ROI care interventions. CareJourney helps ACOs apply leading-practice care models to the right patient segments.

Actionable Worklists Actionable Insights
No Black Boxes No Black Boxes
Return of Investment ROI Focused
Member Driven Member Driven
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The CareJourney Platform Delivers Clinically-Relevant Analytics

Open Care Models

  • Annual Wellness
  • Shared Decisions
  • Transitional Care
  • Diabetes Prevention
  • Chronic Care Mgmt

Open Risk and Segmentation Models

Code to Care Model
  • Rising-Risk (Frailty)
  • Hotspotters
  • Chronic Condition
  • Medicare Cohort
  • HCC Risk Score

How CareJourney Helps ACOs Achieve Savings

Reduce Unnecessary Care

ACO Savings Opportunity
“Don’t do that” and/or “do that differently”

  • Duplicative or unnecessary procedures
  • Clinically-equivalent substitutions
  • Patient routing errors
  • Spend outliers across episodes of care

Illustrative Example
Expanding use of lower-cost, clinically equivalent drugs can yield thousands in potential savings per treatment

2017 Utilization 2017 Spend

Bolster High ROI Interventions

ACO Savings Opportunity
“We should have done this”

  • Smarter patient risk segmentation
  • Evidence-based care models such as Transitions of Care, Chronic Care Management, Annual Wellness
  • Compliance and ROI measurement

Illustrative Example
Care Model compliance for targeted patient segments can drive millions in potential savings to the ACO

Per Member Cost (K)

Want us to walk you through it?

Request a full demo presentation of CareJourney’s features and capabilities. We can integrate complex open healthcare data to help drive your population health strategy into action using customized analytics.

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