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CareJourney is trusted by leaders and innovators in the payer, provider, and pharmaceutical industries, including numerous Fortune 500 organizations, to provide clinically-relevant insights across patients, providers, facilities, and networks with the goal of uncovering opportunities for better health outcomes.

Bringing Value-Based Care to Life

CareJourney helps Provider, Payer and Pharma market leaders make smarter decisions in the move to value.

The CareJourney Solution

The CareJourney Platform Delivers Clinically-Relevant Analytics

CareJourney provides clinically-relevant analytics across a longitudinal view of patients to evaluate care network performance and population outcomes. Leveraging a growing library of open and customizable models, we identify patient populations of greatest need and cost, align them with the most relevant care plans and networks, and track adherence over time for use in evaluating the impact of providers, facilities, and medications on outcomes.

The CareJourney Approach

Actionable Worklists Actionable Insights
No Black Boxes No Black Boxes
Return of Investment ROI Focused
Member Driven Member Driven
60 Days to Success

Tap into CMS’s Nationwide Claims Enclave for Robust Insights

CareJourney has unique access to run analytics on the entire Medicare FFS and Medicare Advantage Population.

Actionable Insights


  • All CMS Medicare Part A and B claims data for the past eight years, Part D data from 2011 – 2017, and Medicare Advantage Part C data for 2015
  • Claim-line level detail on 65M Medicare and Medicare Advantage lives
  • Ability to develop linkages across patient care journeys for longitudinal analytics insights on cohorts
  • One of few CMS innovators with a commercial license

Data Science

  • Extensive claims data science experience behind our recommendations and algorithms, built on open data and algorithms for no black boxes
Case Study

Use Cases

  • Network Design and Optimization
  • Utilization Management
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Condition-Based Outcomes Exploration
Care Journey Big Dataset

CareJourney Serves a Variety of Markets



Key Features

  • Care Model Performance
  • Risk Segmentation
  • Network Referral and Keepage Patterns
  • Savings Opportunities and Exception Scanning
  • Actionable Work Lists

Learn more: Network Advantage and Population Insights



Key Features

  • Provider and Facility Scorecards
  • Regional and National Benchmarks
  • Network Design Optimization
  • Network Utilization and Quality Management

Learn more: Network Advantage



Key Features

  • Condition-based Population Sizing
  • Patient Cohort Journeys and Outcomes
  • Real-World Evidence Reporting
  • Go-to Market Research

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Industry Partnerships

Robert Wood Johnson logo

CareJourney and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Form Partnership

CareJourney, a leading provider of clinically-relevant analytics for value-based networks, is excited to participate in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Health Data for Action program. This program aims to reduce the barriers often faced in accessing data by serving as a conduit between data owners, of which we are a named participating owner, and interested researchers.

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America's Physician Groups logo

America’s Physician Groups Launches New Task Force Aimed at Developing Future Advanced Alternative Payment Models

The America’s Physician Groups (APG) formed the Risk Evolution Task Force, a learning collaborative dedicated to accelerating the volume to value movement and supporting the development of the next iteration of the Advanced Alternative Payment Models (Advanced APMs). CareJourney will provide ACO-level benchmarks defined by the Task Force and derived from its Innovator access to CMS’s national dataset.

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Robert Wood Johnson logo

CareJourney Supports Harvard ACO Research Collaborative

A Research Collaborative Between ACOs, the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and CareJourney to apply Harvard’s High-Need/High-Cost Patient Segmentation Framework in real-world clinical settings, refine it, and improve it to ensure we can drive meaningful changes in the care for HN/HC patients.

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Harvard logo

CareJourney Participates in the CARIN Alliance to Support Interoperability Transformation

The CARIN Alliance is a bipartisan, multi-sector collaborative whose vision is to rapidly advance the ability for consumers and their caregivers to easily get, use and share their digital health information. The CARIN Alliance works collaboratively to advance the consumer directed exchange of health information. Working groups at the CARIN Alliance seek to reduce the technical and adoption barriers to the exchange of consumer-directed health information by promoting best practices of FHIR-based API implementations. Additionally, the CARIN Alliance develops policy recommendations for healthcare interoperability to help inform HHS, ONC, OCR, FTC and other regulators.

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Harvard logo

CareJourney Supports the Argonaut Project to Advance Interoperability Adoption

The Argonaut Project is an initiative to advance industry adoption of modern, open interoperability standards by creating consistent data standards for the FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) API specifications. Working collaboratively with the industry and other FHIR initiatives, the Argonaut Project has designed standardized implementation guides that increase adoption and promote innovation by focusing on high value use cases. This effort has accelerated the adoption of FHIR.

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