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Deepen the value provided to your customers by integrating our robust dataset into your product or service. Fit the needs of your organization’s tailored use cases, including improved price transparency, provider performance, and more.

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At the end of every healthcare workflow is a patient making a decision about their care. Enable more informed decision making and a better patient experience by enriching your product or service with our open and transparent cost and quality analytics.

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Health systems, payers, and investment groups demand reliable visibility into market dynamics and competitive intelligence. Become a trusted, data-driven advisor by tapping into our analytics to generate deeper insights and enrich your client engagements.

Value-based Care & Population Health

Integrate our comprehensive analytics into your product platform for increased granularity into cost and quality benchmarking data. Enable your healthcare customers to better manage their network, strengthen referral patterns, and provide high-quality care using our trusted, premium performance measures.


Delivering best-in-class thought leadership requires robust longitudinal national data. Rely on our access to deep, accurate analytics built on top of longitudinal claims data to further your research initiatives.

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