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CareJourney JumpStart helps accelerate data-driven decision-making across all players in risk-based contracts – whether a health plan, a hospital, an Accountable Care Organization (ACO), or a Physician Hospital Organization (PHO).



Network Design

  • Gain key market and competitor insights
  • Develop new high performing networks
  • Expand existing markets

Performance Improvement

  • Understand cost and quality performance
  • Track referral and network leakage patterns
  • Identify top performers

Care Management

  • Target the right populations with the right care strategies
  • Understand impact to support clinical decisions
  • Reduce utilization

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Choosing the Appropriate Provider or Practice Group for Referrals

Care transitions that involve moving from one health care provider to another can often be stressful and daunting for patients; looking for high quality follow-up care while trying to manage costs can be complex. This process is equally cumbersome for nurses and care coordinators who want to ensure that they send their patients to the best in-network providers. Furthermore, the lack of a central and transparent process lends to the difficulty.

Analysis: How COVID-19 vaccination rates vary across different communities

With 100% access to CMS’ Medicare claims dataset, CareJourney did an exploratory analysis on relevant claims to understand COVID-19 vaccination coverage. We want to answer the following questions: Who is getting vaccinated? Where are people getting vaccinated? By whom? How does vaccine penetration vary in different geographies? What is the vaccine volume breakdown for Medicare Advantage payers?

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