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29Sep, 2021

Accuracy of the Veterans Health Administration COVID-19 Index for predicting short-term mortality among cohort of academic medical center and Medicare patients

The Veterans Health Administration COVID-19 (VACO) Index predicts 30-day all-cause mortality in patients with COVID-19 using age, sex and pre-existing comorbidity diagnoses. The VACO Index was initially developed and validated in a nationwide cohort of US veterans—we now assess its accuracy in an academic medical centre and a nationwide US […]

20Apr, 2021

How Has Medicare Spending Changed During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Researchers at the Commonwealth Fund and CareJourney analyzed changes in monthly spending by the traditional Medicare program between January and October 2020. The new data show how traditional Medicare spending changed among selected beneficiary groups during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

02Dec, 2020

The Dawn of Digital Medicine

Last January Stephen Klasko, chief executive of Jefferson Health, which runs hospitals in Philadelphia, chatted to a bank boss. The financier told him that 20 years ago health care and banking were the only industries yet to embrace the consumer and digital revolutions. “Now”, Mr Klasko recalls him adding, “you […]

15Jan, 2020

CareJourney data to be used in the recently awarded research grants for Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s (RWJF) Health Data for Action research program

CareJourney data will be used to study a range of issues, including care coordination and quality, cost-sharing and benefit design, maternal health, prescription drugs, and public health. In 2017, the RWJF launched the Health Data for Action (HD4A) program, managed by AcademyHealth. In this newest iteration, the HD4A program doubled […]

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