Strategic Implications of Health Equity in ACO REACH, Part Two

How to Design and Implement a Health Equity Plan

By Erica Everhart, Senior APM Specialist, CareJourney &
Sally Engelman, Director of Business Development, Lumeris

August 1, 2022

This is part two of a two-part series discussing health equity as it relates to the ACO REACH program.

In July 2022, CareJourney and Lumeris published the first blog in our series about the required Health Equity Plan (HEP) as part of the new ACO REACH Model. In that blog, we explained the methodology and calculation of the health equity benchmark, the demographic risk score calculation as it relates to the risk score growth cap, and the market and community-level demographic data that REACH ACOs should capture.

Miss part one of this blog series? Read it now.

Now that we have an understanding of how the model’s benchmarks and health equity adjustments are made, in part two, we’ll discuss how to create and implement plans that impact the main drivers of health equity by:

  • Understanding the drivers of health inequity in your patient community
  • Implementing actionable health equity interventions based on data
  • Implementing interventions to address health inequity

To read part two of this blog series, visit Lumeris’ website here.

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