Arlington, VA – July 13th , 2017 CareJourney, the fast-growing data and insights platform for providers of value-based healthcare, today announced that it had completed its integration of Equate Analytics into NavHealth, and changed the combined firm’s name effective immediately. Supported by incubator Hunch Analytics and an investment from Almost Family (NASDAQ: AFAM), a leading home health services provider, the merger positions the combined company for the next phase of its growth as CareJourney.

CareJourney harnesses public and private data and methods to provide tools that drive better outcomes at lower cost in healthcare. In the past year, the company has released new product offerings including “Insights Online”, a suite of performance dashboards and guided analytics, and “Open Data Factory”, a secure, cloud-based data platform with open labeling engines to enable flexible analytics. The company counts 25 accountable care organizations (ACOs) and 7 health systems as its customers, and is adding to its customer base rapidly.

“We believe the industry needs to understand healthcare delivery performance from a patient’s perspective – how often are un-necessary services delivered, or eligible preventive services not, such as for improved transitional care or wellness,” noted Aneesh Chopra, President of CareJourney and Hunch Analytics co-founder. “By harnessing openly available datasets, methodologies and APIs, we are delivering ‘n of 1’ analytics as a utility to our member customers.”

“Healthcare organizations are just beginning to scratch the surface of using data and analytics to make patients happier and healthier, while making far more cost-efficient use of treatments and medications,” said Dan Ross, CEO of CareJourney and Hunch Analytics co-founder. “Our job is to ensure that providers have timely and easy access to the full longitudinal medical history of their patients, and the analytics necessary to offer good directions for a consumer’s journey through the healthcare system.”

According to Leavitt Partners, a healthcare market intelligence firm, enrollment across over 900 accountable care organizations now exceeds 10% of the U.S. population, a 7% growth rate over the past year. Medicare reported in January 2017 that by the end of 2016, more than 30% of fee-for- service payments are now tied to alternative payment models and is on pace to reach 50% by the end of 2018.

About CareJourney – a Hunch Analytics Company

CareJourney takes a different approach to providing analytics, data solutions, and software services to value-based care networks that makes us flexible, efficient, and affordable.

  • NO BLACK BOXES – CareJourney’s open, customizable analytics platform provides the foundation for developing and testing different hypotheses and custom care models.
  • INTERACTIVE DASHBOARDS – CareJourney’s platform powers online dashboards to provide immediate insights into performance with guided analysis for custom insights.
  • RE-MIX, RE-USE – Using open data enrichments and methodologies, we offer members the ability to predict outcomes and inform best practices.
  • ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS – CareJourney’s platform can drill-down to the levels needed to integrate with existing care management workflows for improved results.
  • MEMBER DRIVEN – We create a forum for sharing of insights, development of shared strategies, and surfacing of promising emerging practices.