We are your data wranglers

We process a number of data sources that go beyond just claims in a safe, secure, and efficient manner, creating value from the wilderness of data.

Transforming complex data into valuable insights

Our Open Data Factory makes sense of your complex public and private data sources. This approach means we can process your data securely, safely, quickly and provide understandable and valuable insights.


Medicare MSSP CCLF
Medicare Advantage
Commercial Payer

Clinical Summary & Events:

EHR Patient Record & ADT
(FHIR, C-CDA, Direct, HL7)

Personal Health Data:

Health assessments, health kiosks, & fitness devices
(FHIR, C-CDA, Direct)

Open Data:

Medicare & public statistics

3rd Party Data:

Demographic, social, and economic indicators

Data inputs
ACO insights


  • Low friction to acquire data

  • Match raw data to patient

  • Package patients’ data

  • We contribute our own research

Want us to walk you through it?

Request a full demo presentation of CareJourney’s features and capabilities. We can integrate complex open healthcare data to help drive your population health strategy into action using customized analytics.

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