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Network Advantage: Build and Optimize Networks of Care

By unlocking the power of Medicare’s full claims dataset, CareJourney provides robust insights into provider and facility performance, measured by patient-centric, clinically-relevant metrics without the need for any client data.

The Network Advantage Dataset

Access to all Medicare claims data from 2010+

  • Broad: insights for every provider, facility, care network, and patient segment
  • Deep: claim-level detail for 50M Medicare lives
  • Timely: available 3 – 6 months from claims date

Network Advantage Features

Dashboards and analytic workbenches to evaluate providers and build powerful networks

  • Performance reports for both primary care and specialists with an aggregate provider score based on patient-centric metrics
  • Benchmark tools at the regional and national level
  • A network design “playground” to build custom networks with statistics on KPIs to optimize

Find Providers in Your Region or Across the Country

Network Advantage helps ACOs identify potential providers to add to their network based on user-defined criteria.

Network Advantage Find Providers

Construct a Network from Scratch

Build a network from scratch by selecting a set of providers and aggregating their performance over a population of beneficiaries. Understand which providers already belong to ACOs.

Network Advantage Network From Scratch

Create networks that meet your conditions for:

  • Total lives managed
  • Risk-adjusted average and total cost
  • Specialist/Facility/PCP alignment
  • Care Model care compliance and savings opportunity
  • Part D Drug opportunity and utilization
  • Aggregate quality of care
  • Avoidable and unnecessary spend

Benchmark Providers and Networks Against Their Peers

Using data for all Medicare patients in the country, Network Advantage customers can benchmark provider and mock network performance across the country or region.

Network Advantage
Network Advantage

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