Companies collaborate on web-based application, delivering insights to providers at the point of care

Arlington, Va. (May 17, 2021) –– CareJourney, a leading healthcare analytics company, announced a collaboration today with AaNeel and South Texas Clinical Partners Accountable Care Organization (ACO), an organization owned and operated by Prominence Health Plan and Physicians in South Texas. The launch of Patient360, a web-based application, enables providers to better deliver high-quality care by facilitating more efficient access to clinically relevant data at the point of care.

“As a primary care physician managing the care of hundreds of Medicare beneficiaries, I have waited a long time to have easy access to insights on care a patient has received outside of my practice natively in my Electric Health Record (EHR),” said Dr. Monzer Yazji, chairperson of South Texas Clinical Partners ACO. “Patient360 ensures I have a more complete picture, helping me provide the highest level of care during a patient’s visit.”

Patient360 is a SMART-on-FHIR application that is a production participant in the “Data at the Point of Care” pilot program through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). SMART (Substitutable Medical Apps and Reusable Technologies) on FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) technologies are systems that meet specific standards for healthcare data interoperability: Using the SMART project tools and built according to the FHIR data standard.

“With IT costs taking up a disproportionate share of an ACO’s operating budget, healthcare delivery reformers have waited far too long to realize the benefits of internet-based interoperability standards,” said Aneesh Chopra, Co-Founder and President of CareJourney. “These standards dramatically lower integration burdens for applications that bring actionable benchmarks to the point of care.”

How Does it Work?

The Data at the Point of Care pilot enables healthcare providers to deliver high-quality care directly to Medicare beneficiaries by making a patient’s claims data available to their provider for treatment needs. The Patient360 application packages AaNeel’s operational and clinical key performance indicators along with CareJourney analytics into one web-based platform delivering insights directly to providers. This facilitates better care through a streamlined workflow in the EHR, reducing the administrative burden in accessing the data.

“Patient360 solves a key issue in advancing value-based care by allowing providers timely access to clinically relevant data while they are caring for patients,” said Kamal Jemmoua, Prominence Health Plan CEO & ACO Executive Director. “This tool connects the dots across the healthcare continuum providing confidence in leveraging recent patient data instead of the unnecessary duplication of services or potential delays in necessary patient care.”

How Will it Improve Patient Care?

Data at the point of care helps to create a complete view of a patient’s medical history which benefits both patients and providers.

Provider Benefits

  • Maps patients to prebuilt, clinically relevant cohorts with the ability to customize them.
  • Proactively flags high-risk patients in need of care interventions using “Red Patient” analytics.
  • Increases visibility into the care the patient receives from a variety of sources including other clinics, hospitals, urgent care facilities and pharmacies.
  • Provides timely notifications of open quality care gaps enabling providers to address these gaps at the point of care.
  • Provides insight into medication history and adherence allowing providers to proactively address any gaps.

Patient Benefits

  • Reduces frustration with needing to remember a complete medical history or have years of documentation on hand.
  • Keeps the entire care team informed to receive better coordinated care.

“Patient360 is a step toward generating a longitudinal health record for a patient which is being derived from an array of different healthcare data sources including the Data at the Point of Care, Blue button data, EHR – Clinical records, analytics, and patient lifestyle,” said Upen Patel, President and CEO of AaNeel. “Patient360 enables providers and care givers to view a member’s overall health and wellness in a single snapshot.”

About CareJourney

CareJourney’s mission is to empower individuals and organizations they trust with open, clinically relevant analytics and insights in the pursuit of the optimal healthcare journey. Headquartered in Arlington, VA, CareJourney currently supports leading payer, provider, and life sciences organizations across the US in achieving their goals by wringing new, high-value insights out of expansive population claims data. Through our solutions, we provide members with interactive dashboards around network design and management, care model management, patient risk segmentation, and cohort analysis, spend and utilization trends, network integrity, low-value care, and provider, practice, and facility (acute and post-acute) performance. Visit us at for more.

About Prominence Health Plan

Prominence Health Plan began in 1993 as a health maintenance organization (HMO) and became of a subsidiary of Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS) in 2014. They provide coverage to fully insured, self-funded and Medicare Advantage members throughout Nevada and parts of Texas and Florida. Prominence operates seven Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) in California, Florida, Nevada, South Carolina, Texas and Washington D.C., which are managed care systems that benefit communities by providing coordinated, high-quality care to Medicare patients. For more information about Prominence Health Plan, visit or Parent company UHS ranks 281 on the 2020 Forbes 500 list of America’s largest corporations and consistently ranks among Fortune’s list of the World’s Most Admired Companies.

About AaNeel Infotech

Headquartered in Tampa, FL, AaNeel Infotech is a Healthcare Technology and Services Company focused on single technology platform enabling End-To-End healthcare service delivery solutions. AaNeel has the dominance and supremacy over managed care software solutions and sustenance across healthcare technologies and delivery models. AaNeel’s suite of products consists of solutions for Patients, Providers, and Payers in organizational structures like Medicare Advantage Plans, IPAs, MSOs, ACOs, DCEs or any such organizations involved in global risk or pay for performance contracts. AaNeelCare® is a flagship product covering Member Management, Care Management (Health Risk, Case & Disease management), Utilization Management, Quality Management (HEDIS, GPRO, Star Rating), Compliance and Regulatory Management, Revenue Optimization (Medicare Risk Adjustment / HCC), Population Health Management, Value Based Care and managing High Cost and High-Risk patients. AaNeelCare also provides topnotch AI based solutions and advanced analytics which are highly effective for managed care business. For more information visit

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