CareJourney HIMSS Debrief

Listen in as Aneesh shares with CareJourney members and partners the key highlights from HIMSS 2019; covering topics such as Consumer-Directed Exchange, Bulk APIs regulations, FHIR Accelerators, and more.

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ACO Open Data Report

CareJourney Open Data Report By Ben Bigelow The ecosystem of healthcare data is vast. There are electronic health records (EHRs), medical claims, lab results, biometrics, and a whole [...]

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ACOs and Rural Healthcare

By Chris Lester and Sabrina Chugani Roughly 20 percent of the United States population lives in rural areas. Despite this, rural America faces a number of health-related challenges, [...]

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Custom Patient Risk Groups and Interventions

By Vinith Annam   Creating Patient Risk Groups In a previous blog post titled Harnessing Open Health Data & Methodologies to Serve Value-based Care Networks, CareJourney discussed Harvard T.H. [...]

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Making the Case for CCM

Our patient segmentation model finds that for MSSP populations across the country, most patients fall into the major complex chronic illness segment (to qualify for this segment, a patient [...]

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