Strategies for Success in Value-based Care

A Collection of Real-world Case Studies

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Executive Summary

Whether you’re making decisions about which providers to include in a network, seeking to improve cost and quality for that network, or trying to make evidence-based care decisions, there’s a clear need for access to a reliable and comprehensive data analytics and decision support system. This need is growing as the American healthcare system migrates to value-based care and more entities are taking on risk to deliver lower costs and better outcomes.

CareJourney has developed healthcare solutions driven by the most comprehensive data set available today, covering over 200 million lives across Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial claims to deliver open, clinically-relevant analytics and insights. CareJourney solutions provide you with the ability to:

  • Grow your market share with complete Provider profiles of over
    2 million+ clinicians as well as competitive and market intelligence.
  • Improve network performance with a 360 degree view of Provider performance across cost and quality measures as well as referral patterns and volumes.
  • Improve quality and reduce cost of care with data-backed insights into the most effective and peer-reviewed care models across clinically-relevant patient segments, particularly high-need, high-cost patients.

CareJourney has helped many value-based care organizations including Payers, Providers, and Pharmaceutical companies meet these challenges and achieve success. Read this white paper to learn from eight such value-based care organizations that have enabled data-driven decision making for network growth and clinical performance improvements.

CareJourney White Paper Case Studies

The need for statistically rigorous data analysis and comprehensive and reliable insights is intensifying as the US healthcare system migrates to value-based care, and more entities are taking on risk to deliver lower costs and better outcomes.