On-Demand Webinar: What You Can Learn From VA-DOE’s COVID-19 Mortality Risk Model and the Emerging Trends Like Telehealth

September 18, 2020

Webinar Recap

COVID-19 has highlighted why access to timely and actionable public health data is critical for making quick, life-saving healthcare decisions. Which patient population segments are at a higher risk of mortality and which of these are getting needed preventive services? What regions in the country are flash points for COVID-19 resurgence? Are the Providers in these regions equipped to handle a surge?

In this webinar we take a look at the early findings derived from mapping linked claims and encounter data of over 130+ Million beneficiaries to the VA-DOE 30-Day COVID Mortality Model to answer important questions that will impact care delivery and ACO operations, now and into the future.

We also share ACO-level insights around the surge of telehealth utilization in 2020, exploring trends in terms of the providers and populations who have leveraged telehealth in response to the public health crisis.

The webinar is moderated by Aneesh Chopra, President, CareJourney, who kicks off the conversation with John Pilotte, Director of Performance-Based Payment Policy Group at the CMS on how ACOs may be well positioned to proactively care for those most at risk to remain safe, and healthy, at home. They are joined in conversation by our expert panelists who shared their experiences on what trends they are seeing in their respective organizations.

Expert Panelists

Raj Shrestha, COO, Community-Based Care and President and CEO, Castell an Intermountain Healthcare
David Klebonis, COO, Palm Beach Accountable Care Organization
Mike Kerouac, CEO and Co-founder, Precise Telehealth
Amy C. Justice, M.D., CNH Long Professor of Medicine and Public Health, Yale University

Special Guest
John Pilotte, Director of Performance-Based Payment Policy Group, CMS

Aneesh Chopra, President,CareJourney and first U.S. CTO under President Obama