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Interoperability in Healthcare

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At CareJourney, we believe that interoperability and open APIs improve patient care and reduce the cost of healthcare. Healthcare improvement is driven with the adoption of open standards that enhance the exchange of healthcare data and give patients access to their health information. Information sharing across the continuum of care is essential to deliver high quality care.

The healthcare industry is moving to a new data standard model and interoperability structure. Recent interoperability rules mandated by CMS and ONC will soon impact both health plans and providers. Proactive infrastructure implementation will allow members to not only meet, but exceed, the mandates and provide the best patient and partnership experience.

Driving Interoperability Transformation

CareJourney participates in the drive for interoperability transformation with our president Aneesh Chopra’s involvement in both the Argonaut Project and the CARIN Alliance. The Argonaut Project is an initiative to advance industry adoption of modern, open interoperability standards by creating consistent data standards for the FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) API specifications. Working collaboratively with the industry and other FHIR initiatives, the Argonaut Project has designed standardized implementation guides that increase adoption and promote innovation by focusing on high value use cases. This effort has accelerated the adoption of FHIR.

The CARIN Alliance is a bipartisan, multi-sector collaborative whose vision is to rapidly advance the ability for consumers and their caregivers to easily get, use and share their digital health information. The CARIN Alliance works collaboratively to advance the consumer directed exchange of health information. Working groups at the CARIN Alliance seek to reduce the technical and adoption barriers to the exchange of consumer-directed health information by promoting best practices of FHIR-based API implementations.

Additionally, the CARIN Alliance develops policy recommendations for healthcare interoperability to help inform HHS, ONC, OCR, FTC and other regulators.

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Delivering Interoperability Advisory and Technical Services

Our Interoperability practice offers members a broad range of interoperability advisory, technical, and application development services. We support our members with technical guidance on FHIR APIs, SMART on FHIR applications (apps), setting up FHIR infrastructure and API gateways, FHIR questionnaires, as well as other interoperability functionality such as Blue Button 2.0 and Data at the Point of Care.

Policy Advisory Services and Education

Our President, Aneesh Chopra, provides both one on one member advice and educational opportunities as well as all-member collaboratives related to policy updates and regulations. Payers, health systems, and vendors can all benefit from his expertise to stay current and stay on the offensive front when it comes to adopting new standards. The new rules state that payers must adopt a Patient Access API as well as a Provider Directory API, and these will be enforced as early as 2021.

Interoperability Advisory Services

We will help with expert guidance and tailored advice related to implementing FHIR data architecture, such as: FHIR server understanding, selection, and configuration, API gateways, SMART on FHIR application implementations, and FHIR Questionnaires. We also provide guidance on adopting CPCDS standards and utilizing and maximizing your technology investments.

Partnership and Commercialization Support

Our Advisory membership includes collaborative efforts with industry leading health systems and payers. We frequently create partnerships and opportunities among members through direct introductions and pilot projects as well as open member webinars. CareJourney is also happy to be involved as an advisor in special projects, such as grant applications and public health research opportunities.

Accelerating Our Members’ FHIR App Development Roadmap

“Active Surveillance” Risk Calculators

Interoperability “Active Surveillance” Risk Calculators

Payer “Data @ Point of Care”

Interoperability Payer “Data @ Point of Care”

SDOH Screening Assessment

Interoperability SDOH Screening Assessment

Our team will provide our members expert advice and guidance via multiple avenues, including open member forums, personalized advice, and shareable collateral. Reach out to your existing CareJourney contact or email [email protected] for more information!

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