On-Demand Webinar: Proceeding in Trust: Building a Model Payer-Provider Value Scorecard on Open Data

CareJourney recently partnered with Beckers Hospital Review to host a webinar highlighting how leading payers and providers are seeding joint operating committees with open access to beneficiary level information and benchmarks to monitor key measures, surface improvement opportunities, and to increase collaboration. The webinar explored some of these emerging practices in joint scorecard development, opportunities to standardize multi-payer data ingestion and sharing with forthcoming interop regulations, and the use of open government data to set provider-specific benchmarks.

Becker’s Hospital Review Joint Webinar


Aneesh Chopra, President, CareJourney
Rod Neill, Chief Operating Officer, Mercy Health Partners
Dianna Grant, Chief Medical Officer, Next Level Health
Mark Foulke, EVP, Transformational Value Based Care, Privia Health
Greg Kuzma, Chief Healthcare Economics Officer, Privia Health

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