On-Demand Webinar: Advanced Approaches to Determining Provider Performance

Listen in as Dr. Shulkin, Ninth Secretary of the US Department of Veterans Affairs and current advisor at CareJourney, hosts a conversation with senior healthcare leaders from foremost organizations that have embraced data-driven decision-making to achieve success in value-based care.

The data you need at your fingertips to design and manage networks that drive better outcomes and lower healthcare cost.

Expert Panelists

David Shulkin Moderator for Webinar

David J. Shulkin, MD
Ninth Secretary, US Dept of Veterans Affairs

Christopher Chen Speaker for Webinar

Christopher Chen, MD
CEO, ChenMed

Steve Maney Speaker for Webinar

Steve Maney
Director, Analytics & Decision Support, Beaumont ACO

Rey Quinones Speaker for Webinar

Rey Quinones
Vice President, Product Management, Paradigm

About CareJourney

CareJourney is a leading provider of clinically-relevant analytics for value-based networks. Headquartered in Arlington, VA, CareJourney currently supports leading payer, provider, and life sciences organizations across the US in achieving their goals by wringing new, high value insights out of expansive population claims data. Through its CareJourney Platform, CareJourney provides members with interactive dashboards of clinically-relevant insights around network design and management, care model management, patient risk segmentation, spend and utilization trends, network integrity, low-value care, and provider, practice and facility (acute and post-acute) performance. Please visit us at www.carejourney.com as well as on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.