On-Demand Webinar:
Fueling Network Growth and Improving Care with Cohort Driven Market Intelligence

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In this webinar, Katherine Schneider, MD, MPhil., FAAFP moderated a discussion with value-based care leaders from Thyme Care, Porter, and VillageMD to understand how they leverage cohort-driven market intelligence to better inform network development and growth decisions, and better understand patient demographics and care improvement opportunities.

Key Takeaways

Critical business questions we addressed:

  • What are the patient cohorts, as well as their treatment, cost, and outcome patterns for my market?
  • What are my markets for growth and expansion?
  • How can we track the effectiveness and utilization of new therapies and care models?
  • How can we develop tailored products for specific population sub-groups?

Expert Panelists

Jen Clair

Jen Clair
Chief Analytics Officer

Kevin M. Fosnocht, MD
VP, Clinical Network and Strategy
Thyme Care

Katherine Schneider, MD, MPhil., FAAFP
CareJourney Advisor

Ana Handshuh

Ana Handshuh, CHC
Chief Product Officer