On-Demand Webinar: APG and CareJourney’s Deep Dive On Data Analytics

March 2, 2020

APG Webinar Recap

Harnessing the power of your data is a key component in providing high-quality, efficient care and improving patient outcomes. But far too often, roadblocks—limited access to longitudinal patient data, lack of reliable tools, and slow and ineffective provider benchmarking—stand between you and success in risk-based contracts.

Listen to our webinar recording of a panel discussion led by Aneesh Chopra, President of CareJourney and Valinda Rutledge, Senior Vice President of Federal Affairs for America’s Physician Groups to learn how the nation’s leading health providers are tackling these everyday challenges. Learn about the best practices, lessons learned, and tips to:

  • Build better networks
  • Optimize existing network performance
  • Identify best practices and best/worst performing providers for inclusion/exclusion
  • Identify and minimize network utilization

Expert Panelists

Steve Neorr, Chief Administrative Officer, Triad HealthCare Network
Anas Daghestani, President and CEO, Austin Regional Clinic
Adrianne Wagner, Vice President, Quality Improvement, The Everett Clinic
Melanie Matthews, CEO, Physicians of Southwest Washington