Grow Your Network and Market Share with our Healthcare Provider Network Management Tool

We provide actionable data to help you:

1. Gather market and competitive Intelligence
2. Expand to new and adjacent markets
3. Find the right providers to add to your network

4. Simulate network performances

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Data Intelligence to Supercharge Network Growth

Our healthcare analytics platform is powered by the most comprehensive data set available today – covering over 200 million lives across Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial claims to deliver open, clinically-relevant analytics and insights.


  • View complete and up-to-date Provider profiles of over 2 million+ clinicians with details like specialty, location, certifications, procedures conducted, network status, and more.
  • Get a 360-degree view of provider performance across cost and outcome metrics, patient volumes, cost of care, referrals patterns, and utilization metrics.
  • Empower your network managers with a single user interface to find everything you need to build and grow your networks in one place.

Inform Board-room Decisions with Reliable Analytics

We work with some of the most admired healthcare organizations in the world and help them sustain profitable growth while improving patient outcomes.

Remain competitive and answer important business questions like:

  • How do I compare against my competitors?
  • How can I find the right providers to match my patient population?
  • How do I track referrals and reduce low-value care?

Build and Optimize Networks of Care

Build and Optimize Networks of Care
Improve Provider Performance

“The CareJourney platform helped us determine the appropriate markets to consider, drill down into those markets, understand the most critical KPIs about our providers, and inform our market growth strategy over the next 5+ years.”

Chief Strategy and Growth Officer
Large ACO Management Company

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