On-Demand Webinar: APG and CareJourney’s Deep Dive Into Direct Contracting

What every organization considering DCE must know!

APG Webinar Recap


If you are an organization that is either already a Direct Contracting Entity (DCE) or planning to apply for a January 2022 start date, this is a must-see webinar for you to take a closer look at the key decision points that you will need to consider before going forward.

Aneesh Chopra, President, CareJourney and Valinda Rutledge, Senior Vice President, Federal Affairs, APG, host a deep-dive conversation with CMS representatives and key industry leaders about everything you must know about Direct Contracting and how to best position your organization for success.

Key Takeaways

Brief overview of the 3 types of DC Models:

  • Timeline, stages, and organizational archetypes
  • How to address health equity

Key data elements and metrics critical for strategic decisions:

  • Providers to consider for contracting agreements
  • Identifying actionable opportunities for quality improvements

How to take advantage of other CMS initiatives like interoperability:

  • Reveal patient- and provider-level insights
  • Finding care intervention opportunities

Lessons learned from experienced APG and CareJourney members on how they approached the decision whether to participate.

Our Speakers

Pauline Lapin Panelist for Webinar

Pauline Lapin
Director, Seamless Care Models Group, CMS

Robert Stone Panelist for Webinar

Dr. Robert Stone
Sr. MD, Ambulatory Services, Central Ohio Primary Care

Raj Shrestha Panelist for Webinar

Raj Shrestha
COO, Intermountain Healthcare Company

Melanie Matthews Panelist for Webinar

Melanie Matthews
CEO, Physicians of Southwest Washington

Garry Jacobs Panelist for Webinar

Gary Jacobs
ED, VillageMD Center for Government Relations and Public Policy