CURA Health Grows Provider Network by 50 Percent

CURA Health Management is an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) enablement company. They help Providers join together into new Value Service Organizations (VSO) that are locally owned-maximize their revenue and deliver best-in-class healthcare to their patients. CURA manages two ACOs with hubs in Florida, New Jersey, Wisconsin and Minnesota with a combined population of over 18,000 patients.

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CURA is constantly looking to grow as well as refine its physician network for both PCPs and Specialists. Since they manage ACOs across the country, they needed access to a national data set. This data set was needed to identify physicians and their current alliances as well as if they were already participating in an ACO. CURA also needed a way to rank physicians and benchmark them against their peers across quality and cost measures in order to recruit the highest performing providers into their ACO network.

How CareJourney Helped

CURA partnered with CareJourney to expand its ACO network and recruit high performing providers across the country.

Using CareJourney’s Network Advantage platform and Provider Performance Index (PPI), CURA easily identified providers that are not in another ACO or taking part in another alternative payment model (APM).


CURA has successfully used CareJourney analytics to grow and refine its ACO networks for the past two years. CURA’s overall provider network size increased by 50% from 2020 to 2021. Not only did CURA grow their ACO networks in size but they also improved the cost and quality scores for their providers. On average, CURA’s 2021 providers have a Cost Index that’s .17 points higher than in 2020 and an Outcomes Index that’s .13 points higher than 2020.

50% Growth in Provider Network

“It was hard for us to get a good understanding of PCP and specialist performance across different geographic regions. CareJourney helped us benchmark providers and find key improvement opportunities. Ultimately, this helped us successfully grow our network by over 50% in just one year!

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Marsha Boggess

Marsha Boggess
Co-Founder & Director

Cura Health Management