Integrated Delivery Network Builds High-Performing Provider and Specialty Care Networks of 5K+ Physicians

Our member is one of the largest health care systems in Michigan, with multiple hospitals, and over 5000 physicians in its network, along with several acute care facilities and ambulatory care centers.

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Our member is a fast growing integrated delivery network (IDN) that underwent explosive growth due to a merger with another large health care organization. The member needed a way to identify high performing providers to bring into their network as well as find the right providers to include in their referral network for specialty care. Although they had access to several provider performance scores and data from other vendors, they all fell short due either being too simplistic (lacking algorithmic rigor), or black box (lacking transparent methodology). This often resulted in poor or incomplete insights that were unusable in making key business decisions due to lack of trust and buy-in from leadership.

How CareJourney Helped

Our member relied on CareJourney’s Provider Performance Index scores on cost and quality to evaluate providers on their Medicare performance. These scores are universally accepted and adopted through the organization, including the leadership due to its open methodology, and transparent and reliable metrics. It is used in planning decisions around which providers to add to their PCP network and in establishing a specialist referral network.

Additionally, the organization is working on developing a central scorecard to evaluate all providers in their market, using three core metrics, including — CareJourney Provider Performance Index Scores (based on Medicare claims data), BCBS score (based on commercial data), and PACES episode grouper.


Physicians in Network

“We have had access to other provider scoring tools, but CareJourney’s is a lot better – more comprehensive, transparent, and accurate. We are already using it in conversations with leadership as they build strategies for network expansion.”