Customers can choose from 50 predefined cohorts including COVID-19, or define their own. Includes 300+ metrics covering total cost of care, provider selection, and market growth.

June 10, 2020: CareJourney, a leading healthcare analytics company, announced the availability of its Cohort Atlas product that helps payers, life sciences, and providers analyze highly configurable patient cohorts. Customers are using CareJourney’s new solution to measure the prevalence of configurable chronic conditions, compare costs and co-morbidities, identify key networks of care, drugs, and facilities, and track patient journeys and care pathways – all through a simple, highly-flexible, self-serve web interface.

“In a fast-changing environment for health care, many of our customers have begun to think seriously about how they manage specific cohorts of at-risk patients in a proactive way, especially in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Dan Ross, CEO of CareJourney. “With Cohort Atlas, we can give them the insights to do that. For example, our clients can understand the utilization and effectiveness of telehealth by identifying patients that have had telehealth visits and see the impact on longitudinal cost of care at the local or national level. This is very powerful!”

Cohort Atlas allows customers to:

  • Benefit from the timeliest payer-scale dataset in the industry, and get the earliest look possible at the impacts of COVID-19 on utilization rates, sites of service, cost of care, and outcomes on local, regional and national populations
  • Design highly customizable patient cohorts to predict utilization patterns, total cost of care, co-morbidities and outcomes by geography, demographic, or socioeconomic factors
  • Evaluate relevance of interventions or care models by comparing subject cohorts with control groups
  • Design sub-networks optimized for treating high-need, high-cost patients, or those with broadly common comorbidities
  • Coupled with other CareJourney products, benchmark/compare one’s approach to treating vulnerable populations alongside admired peers or other local providers

Serving all Stakeholders

Cohort Atlas is specifically designed for stakeholders across life sciences, payers, and providers to find answers to critical business questions, like:

For Life Sciences and Pharma

  • What opportunities exist for therapy education or site selection for clinical trials?
  • Which comorbidities could have the greatest impact on outcomes?
  • Who are the patients that match the profile most likely to benefit from specific drugs or interventions?

For Health Plans

  • What clusters of conditions will impact my market expansion decisions?
  • Where can I find influential local providers that are managing the care of patients in my region?
  • How do I track medication adherence and what may be my potential ROI if I increased medication adherence rates?
  • What sort of supplemental benefits might be well-targeted to disease-specific cohorts?

For Providers

  • What are the key patient demographics for my patient population and how do I segment them into actionable cohorts?
  • What is the impact of comorbidities and historical care on key patient populations?
  • How do I track the effectiveness and ROI of specific interventions like telehealth or specific care models like new CMS/CMMI Kidney Care Choices (KCC) model?

Powered by a Longitudinal Dataset Covering 130M Lives

Cohort Atlas gives you the ability to run analysis against one of the largest and timeliest payer-scale datasets available. You have the flexibility to run analysis on 100% of CMS Medicare Part A, Part B and Part D claims data, and Medicaid data.

Data can be sliced and diced across multiple metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of specific interventions as well as customized by specialty, time period, eligibility criteria, or specific APM or care model.

Includes a COVID-19 Cohort of Vulnerable Patients

To support ongoing efforts to fight COVID-19, the solution includes a specific cohort of COVID-19 vulnerable patients with clinical chronic conditions like chronic lung disease, diabetes mellitus, chronic kidney disease, heart disease, vascular diseases, and cancer. This cohort will be available free of charge for any new Cohort Atlas customer.

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About CareJourney

CareJourney’s mission is to empower individuals and organizations they trust with open, clinically-relevant analytics and insights in the pursuit of the optimal healthcare journey. Headquartered in Arlington, VA, CareJourney currently supports leading payer, provider, and life sciences organizations across the US in achieving their goals by wringing new, high value insights out of expansive population claims data. Through our solutions, we provide members with interactive dashboards around network design and management, care model management, patient risk segmentation and cohort analysis, spend and utilization trends, network integrity, low-value care, and provider, practice and facility (acute and post-acute) performance.