CareJourney Innovators Circle

Reducing utilization of unnecessary care, controlling spiraling health care costs, tracking and measuring the impact of care interventions, benchmarking provider performance, and using the power of data and analytics to build better networks are all top of mind issues for healthcare executives across provider and payer organizations. With a mission to dig deeper into these issues and bridge the gap between research and practice, CareJourney offers an opportunity for healthcare organizations to become a member to our exclusive research program – the CareJourney Innovators Circle – designed to investigate healthcare’s most pressing questions and provide answers with cutting-edge research.

CareJourney is one of the first for-profit organizations to enroll in the VRDC Innovator Program with an IRB-approved research plan and currently has access to Medicare claims, Medicare Advantage Encounter, MDS & OASIS assessments, and Medicaid TMSIS data. This database can be used to product cutting edge research for topics that are top of mind for health care executives. For 2020 we have assembled the following candidate Research Tracks that members can subscribe to, with quarterly insights, based on demand:

Medicare Switchers

Medicare Advantage Switchers

  • Plan selection has implications on a beneficiaries’ healthcare utilization and costs, and predicting which beneficiaries are likely to switch into/out of MA can forecast future spending
  • Payer insights: Regional forecasting of the volume of patients switching into/out of private plans
  • Provider insights: Understanding trends in patient coverage

Pre-Acute and Post-Acute Pathways

  • Evaluate which pathway is a best choice for populations (example: SNF vs HH)
  • Payer insights: Identify savings opportunities that also benefit health outcomes
  • Provider insights: Findings for more effective long-term care for beneficiaries

In Home Care

Optimizing Healthcare Cost For Medicare-Medicaid Dual-Eligible Beneficiaries

  • A deep analysis of both the Medicare and Medicaid claims for dually enrolled individuals in order to find savings opportunities
  • Payer insights: More effective treatment of this high-needs population will greatly reduce national healthcare costs

Understanding the Underpinnings of Hospital Quality Scores and Metrics

  • Deconstruction of star ratings and other quality metrics for better understanding on how to improve scores
  • Payer insights: Identify those providers with characteristics that drive quality healthcare
  • Provider insights: Determine which areas could have minimal change to current operations for the largest impact on ratings

Medical Team Reviewing Patient Care

Cancer Care Pathways

  • Follow beneficiaries through treatment for common cancers and identify those pathways with positive cost and health outcomes
  • Payer insights: Identify better outcomes in commonly treated diagnoses
  • Provider insights: Provide evidence for better long-term treatment planning

Application of Newly Released Medicaid Data on Maternity Care

  • Assessment of maternity care providers and facilities for quality and cost
  • Payer insights: Aide in network construction and identification of weak points
  • Provider insights: Understand where you or your physicians fall in following standard Maternity care pathways

Maternity Care

What You Get

CareJourney’s research is delivered through a combination of channels, including:

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Research Findings Summary Report

An executive summary highlighting the findings and insights gained; our recommendations on how to apply the insights to take quick action; details of the national data broken out appropriately along with the description of the analytic methodology used.

provider network

Customized Report

A custom report with your specific regions/doctors/network, VRDC data compared against national and regional benchmarks to understand your performance against peers.

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Exclusive Member Webinar

To share the findings, answer questions, and discuss the implications amongst peers in respected healthcare organizations across the country.

How to Get Started

Interested in learning more about our research topics? Join our Innovators Circle. Email us at [email protected]