Data set includes 10 years of linked longitudinal history on 80m beneficiaries across all Part A and Part B claims

December 18, 2017: CareJourney, a leading health care analytics company, has been awarded access to the 100% Medicare claims and assessment datasets through the Virtual Research Data Center (VRDC), the CMS-provided avenue for opening patient claims data. CareJourney becomes one of the first commercial organizations with access to this powerful dataset.

In future product releases, CareJourney will offer unique analytics tracking the effectiveness of care models and interventions on relevant patient segments, measuring the effectiveness of doctors in delivering high-value, low-cost care and simulating the effects of doctors in networks.

This data set is one of the country’s largest claims databases, representing over 80m beneficiaries and 10B claims over a 10-year longitudinal period and growing. This includes access to datasets un-obtainable elsewhere, including the complete MDS and OASIS assessment data and Medicare Advantage encounters data.

“This data is truly a game-changer for the company and CareJourney’s members,” said Dr. Chris Lester, Director of Data Science. “The level of analysis we will be able to bring to this dataset will allow for the creation of new products and features that will improve our customers’ ability to navigate the world of value-based care. It will open up a transparency in decision making that will incentivize better costs and outcomes for patients.”

Future additions to the VRDC data asset will include Medicare Advantage encounters data and Medicaid claims data, which CareJourney plans to incorporate in future product releases.