CareJourney Announcing Blue Button 2.0 Analytics Service

ARLINGTON, Va., March 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — CareJourney, a leading provider of clinically-relevant analytics for value-based networks, is excited to announce its participation in the Blue Button 2.0 Developer API initiative to better serve its Medicare ACO members with more timely and comprehensive beneficiary data.

Through the Developer API, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is opening up four years of Medicare Part A, B, and D claims history for 53 million Medicare beneficiaries across the nation. The data will be updated weekly for Parts A and B and monthly for Part D whereas today the members that CareJourney serves obtain beneficiary data months after the data of service.

The Blue Button Developer API will provide health organizations with a variety of information about the beneficiary’s health history, including primary care treatment, drug prescriptions, and cost. Beneficiaries will have full control over who can access their data and for what purpose.

CareJourney believes this launch is a first step in better engaging beneficiaries in helping them make sense of their longitudinal health data and will be providing a Blue Button developer analytics service to its members who incorporate the API into their mobile and web-enabled apps to deliver insights such as:

  1. Reminders to schedule important care events such as annual wellness visits and personalized preventive screenings.
  2. Personalized transitional care management visit reminders based on the complexity of the beneficiary’s historical chronic illness.
  3. Care coordination strategies based on the beneficiary’s risk stratification and segmentation.
  4. Estimates for previous ER or hospital visits that could have been avoided with better outpatient care.
  5. The opportunity to share feedback with the beneficiary’s PCP to inform better coordinate care.

Blue Button 2.0 uses the HL7 FHIR standard for beneficiary data and the OAuth 2.0 standard for beneficiary authorization.

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