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Measure Physician Performance to Make Informed Decisions

With costs sky rocketing, health care organizations are under increasing pressure to provide better quality of care while reducing the total cost of care. As such, it is critical for providers and payers alike to find novel ways to engage with physicians to help improve their performance. Having the right data and technology can help you find and plug the gaps, model ideal behavior, and make informed decisions to drive down cost and improve network performance.

CareJourney Cost and Quality Index allows you to run quick comparisons of provider cost efficiency and quality outcomes against their peers allowing you to model provider accountability based on impactable patient episodes, instead of individual treatments or procedures.

Optimize Your Current Network

Analyze who in your current network are cost efficient providers that produce comparatively better outcomes for patients or find the right high-performing prospects to add to your current network.

Manage Your Network

Identify high and low-performing providers in your existing network, then dive deeper into cost and outcomes metrics to identify actionable solutions.

Inform Your Strategies

Share the insights gleaned from our platform with your members, develop the right incentive programs for high performers as well as improvement strategies for underperforming members.

Drive Down Costs

Use our insights to understand the PMPY and risk adjusted PMPY differences between best and worst performers and discover saving opportunities.

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