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A Pulse on Healthcare Insights, Trends, and Hot Topics

27Aug, 2019

Tracking Unnecessary Care Through Claims-Derived Measures

By Timmy Del Vecchio

As organizations continue the transition to value-based care, the need to (1) identify, (2) assess, and (3) eliminate wasteful spending continues to be a priority. From the identification perspective, initiatives like Choosing Wisely, started by the American Board of Internal Medicine, help both providers […]

26Aug, 2019

Recap of the Blue Button Developer Conference 2019

By Edward Yurcisin

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently held the second annual Blue Button 2.0 Developer Conference on the 54th anniversary of Medicare. There were several key takeaways from the conference [...]

01Mar, 2019

CareJourney HIMSS Debrief

By Deepika Kumar

Listen in as Aneesh shares with CareJourney members and partners the key highlights from HIMSS 2019; covering topics such as Consumer-Directed Exchange, Bulk APIs regulations, FHIR Accelerators, and more. […]

10Jan, 2019

ACO Open Data Report

By Ben Bigelow

The ecosystem of healthcare data is vast. There are electronic health records (EHRs), medical claims, lab results, biometrics, and a whole slew of other data sources, including open data published by organizations like the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). […]

29Oct, 2018

Turning Quality Score Insights into Actionable Opportunities

By Timmy Del Vecchio, graphic by Ben Bigelow

As CMS recently made unembargoed Performance Year (PY) 2017 results available to ACOs in late August, ACOs were able to view not only PY 2017 financial expenditures relative to benchmarks, but also the ACO’s overall quality score for the performance year. For an ACO […]

31Aug, 2018

The new MSSP rule: the questions we should be asking

By Abbas Bader

As most of you are already aware, CMS released a rule proposing changes to the Medicare Shared Savings Program earlier this month.  By now, you have probably read several summaries of the key provisions of the rule, if not the full 607 pages of the rule itself.  In a […]

22Aug, 2018

Blue Button 2.0: A convening of tech leaders, CMS and the White House

By Edward Yurcisin

As our President, Aneesh Chopra, often notes, there appears to be a “generational consensus” from leaders in Washington seeking to tap the expertise of the American people to solve big problems. This is exactly what happened on Monday August 13thwhen the White House Office of American Innovation and CMS […]

22Jun, 2018

ACOs and Rural Healthcare

By Chris Lester and Sabrina Chugani

Roughly 20 percent of the United States population lives in rural areas. Despite this, rural America faces a number of health-related challenges, some of which are structural, while some are related to regional differences in health and health care in this country. Compounding these issues, incomes […]

01Apr, 2018

Making the Case for CCM

By Deepika Kumar

Our patient segmentation model finds that for MSSP populations across the country, most patients fall into the major complex chronic illness segment (to qualify for this segment, a patient must have two or more complex conditions or at least 6 non-complex conditions) and historically most of the day-to-day […]

22Feb, 2018

Benchmarking Provider Groups Using Clinically-Relevant Metrics

By Katie Poore

An ACO’s ability to communicate and measure a standard of excellence for its participating practice groups is a critical component in achieving annual shared savings and improving care quality for the beneficiaries the ACO serves. Comprehensive analytics and benchmarks with actionable takeaways are fundamental to this objective. To assist […]

03Nov, 2017

Accountable Care Organization (ACO) 101

By Stephanie Sealy

The Affordable Care Act established several programs administered through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the aims of which were to incentivize and partner with providers to proactively coordinate patient care, maintain and improve the quality […]

26Oct, 2017

Harnessing Open Health Data & Methodologies to Serve Value-based Care Networks

In December 2016, CareJourney launched the Insights Workbook—a monthly executive-level review of ACO performance, with actionable metrics and data visualizations to get to increased savings. Our analytic model is firmly rooted in the questions population health leaders seek to answer and is driven by our members. By aggregating […]

22Jul, 2017

Purpose Driven Design, Health Equity, and Bring Open Data to Life

Health Experience Refactored (HxRefactored) is a revolutionary conference co-hosted by health innovation event planner Health 2.0 and design agency Mad*Pow. This year’s conference gathered more than 600 cross-disciplinary thinkers and professionals to discuss how to improve healthcare through better patient-centered design. HxRefactored applies design, science, evidence, and theory to re-imagine the […]

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