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1. Assess: Model attribution to understand alignment volumes
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3. Project: Simulate your benchmarks to project performance before finalizing rosters
4. Perform: Improve performance using your CMS applied claims data

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ACO REACH Model Decision

The CMS Innovation Center recently announced that Global and Professional Direct Contracting will be transitioning to a new model called ACO REACH. The updated model will prioritize health equity among underserved populations, provider leadership and governance, and greater transparency for beneficiaries.

Given the rapidly approaching application deadline, value-based organizations need to determine if they should adopt this model and how best to transition. Whether you are a Direct Contracting Entity (DCE) evaluating the transition, or a new entrant seeking to apply, CareJourney is well-positioned to support you, just as we’ve supported our members, who represent over 65% of the DCE lives in the 2021 cohort year.

How to Succeed in ACO REACH

Success in the ACO REACH Model will require:

  • Robust health equity measures to support the required health equity plan and benchmark adjustments based on your ACO’s underserved beneficiaries
  • A hyper-focused understanding of your population demographic risk and frequency of HCC conditions within your population
  • An understanding of data interoperability standards in order to cost-effectively comply with the new ACO REACH data collection requirements

CareJourney data and analytics will equip you with each of these necessary components, as well as guidance from subject matter experts, to help you succeed in helping all Medicare beneficiaries receive high value healthcare.

Go/No-Go Decision Support

If you are stressing about the upcoming CMS ACO REACH Model application deadline for 2023, reach out to us today to see how you can take advantage of our ACO REACH Assessment toolkit which includes a benchmark calculator. The calculator helps you understand your historical performance against others and project performance year utilization in your market. Use it to make that go/no-go decision before submitting your roster.

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