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CareJourney at HIMSS19

Will Consumer-Directed Exchange Disrupt the Healthcare Marketplace?

CareJourney President, Aneesh Chopra, will be joining Karen DeSalvo, Governor Michael Leavitt, and Seema Verma to discuss the healthcare transformation of Consumer-Directed Exchange for the Keynote Presentation at HIMSS.
8:30am – 10:00am Tuesday, February 12

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HIMSS19 Global Conference & Exhibition: February 11-15, 2019 | Orlando, FL


Please join Aneesh during his presentations and roundtables that will focus on how we can accelerate the design, development and deployment of more openly available APIs accessible to consumers, physicians, and ACOs with less friction.

The Blueprint for Putting Patients at the Center of APIs

Monday, February 11  |  2:30pm – 3:30pm  |  Room W204A

Making health data useful to patients is a national priority—and the APIs needed to realize this goal by facilitating data sharing and consumer access are rapidly finding regulatory and market commitment. Is your organization ready to meet the demand? Join us to discuss how to build and advance the tools and capabilities you will need for laying a technical foundation of engaging interfaces to make data available to patients and drive high-value interactions with them. What’s more, we’ll share a state of the industry update on consumer-directed exchange and showcase promising efforts around the bend from leaders in the industry to help point the way forward.

Interoperability Town Hall: Are We Making Progress?

Wednesday February 13  |  4:30pm – 5:30pm  |  Hall F 9100
Speakers:  Aneesh Chopra, Jitin Asnaani (Executive Director, CommonWell Health Alliance), Steve Wretling (Chief Technology and Innnovation Officer, HIMSS), Tony Martin (Sr Health Scientist, CDC)

Featuring a round-robin format with interoperability trailblazers moderated by HIMSS interoperability subject matter expert. Join executives from leading interoperability stakeholder groups as we do a deep dive into the progress, measurement, opportunities and success of our combined efforts to advance an interoperable personal healthcare ecosystem. 

The Intersection Between Interoperability and Value-Based Care Delivery

Wednesday February 13  |  5:30pm – 6:30pm  |  Room W320
Speakers: Aneesh Chopra, Adam Boehler, John Doerr

The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has been working for several years to push value-based care forward.  As Deputy Administrator at the Centers for Medicare & Medicare Services (CMS) and Director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation, Adam Boehler is leading this effort. During this session, he will discuss the role of patients as consumers, HHS’s work to hold providers accountable, the push to pay for outcomes, and how value-based care can be helpful in the prevention of diseases before they occur.

What is Consumer Directed Exchange?

Consumer Directed Exchange empowers the patient by supporting the patient’s right under HIPAA to invoke access to personal health information through a third-party application.

This puts individual at the center of interoperability and care quality, and empowers patients to take a more active role in their personal health.  A person’s wellness is determined quality of service, not the specifics of a single episode of care.  Patients interact with their providers using devices and applications because they are able to grant access to their health information from across the care continuum.

Consumer Directed Exchange has the potential to transform how patients and providers manage wellness.

Historically, interoperability, or the sharing of data, has focused on the provider (physicians).  Consumer Directed Exchanges completely shifts the model to the patient.  It is a new paradigm.  Consumers have the right to their own healthcare data, and they have the right to share access to their own healthcare data.  This is empowering patients by giving them control over their information and enabling patients to share their own data with whomever will best impact their wellness.

How Consumer Directed Exchange gets around HIPAA

“On the regulatory front, HHS has clarified that HIPAA does, indeed, offer patients the right to access their health data in an electronic format, and to share it with an application or address of their choice. “ – Aneesh

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“..the best (regulated) path to interoperability is an app in the patient’s hands.”
– Aneesh Chopra

“Consumer-directed exchange occurs when a consumer or an authorized caregiver invokes their HIPAA Individual Right of Access (45 CFR § 164.524) and requests their digital health information from a HIPAA covered entity (CE) via an application or other third-party data steward.”

– The CARIN Alliance